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Location Intelligence: The Next Chapter in Business Intelligence

At Targomo we convert complex geospatial research into actionable insights for organizations everywhere: To optimize business models, strategies and processes. Our vision? To unlock the power of Location Intelligence for everyone.

Location Intelligence enriches business intelligence with georeferenced data.

Powerful data integration platform

Cutting-edge technology collects, manages, and enriches location data with other data sources.

Precise reachability and mobility analysis

Evaluate all data based on geographical location and complex movement patterns.

Clusters. Structures. Patterns.

Structural analysis correlates individual data points and uncovers complex interdependencies.

Predictive Analytics

Machine learning algorithms identify unique location features that determine the success of a site.

Locations. Analytics. Decisions.

Where to Apply Targomo

Branch Network Optimization

Understand, predict and improve the performance of your entire location network.

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Last-Mile Logistics Optimization

Calculate the ideal route between multiple stops and plan delivery centers as well as supply areas.

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Real Estate Search

Provide the most personal, interactive real estate search on your platform and increase our customer retention.

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