Leverage Location Intelligence
to Optimize Your
Business Decisions

We Transform Geospatial Research into Actionable Insights

Our location intelligence solutions empower organizations in fast-moving markets: to optimize retail networks, deliver better public services, or improve real estate searches.

Easily learn how many and which people can reach your locations within a certain time.

Where to Apply Targomo’s Solutions

Branch Network Optimization

Understand, predict, and improve the performance of your entire location network.

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Logistics Optimization

Calculate the ideal route between multiple stops and plan delivery center locations as well as supply areas.

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Real Estate Search

Provide the most personal, interactive real estate search on your platform and increase your customer retention.

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These Clients already Trust Us

Our location intelligence solutions are used in various industries around the world.

See more clients and learn how they use our services.
"The Targomo API is technically impressive and easy to integrate. Within one month we were ready to launch our new feature. Plus, their team was always there to help with the process."
Amel Taibi, Head of Product at Seloger, a leading real estate platform in France
"It is so easy to analyze the public transportation network and have all these data-based arguments, which we present to our partners."
Trude Flatheim, strategic traffic planner with Ruter#,
the public transit authority of the Greater Oslo Region, Norway
"Thanks to Targomo's route planning, we can meet 40% more delivery dates."
Tech Lead at a Delivery Service


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