5 Reasons to Work With Us


We work on cutting-edge solutions for fast-moving markets. We use latest technologies to optimize our products and deliver value for our customers.


Our team consists of a healthy mix of graduates and experienced experts. Everyone is driven by curiosity and professional commitment.


Targomo is the product of Germany’s most prestigious IT-Systems and Data Engineering school. We always strive for excellence.


We believe people work best when they feel comfortable in their environment. Whether that’s from home or in our beautiful office in the heart of Berlin.


Great teamwork is key to our success. We are proud of our achievements as a team and offer competitive payment.
“To me, the challenge and satisfaction of shaping entirely new and innovative products is a whole different thing than improving existing solutions by 0.1%.”
Hermann Schwarting
Software Engineer
“I appreciate working in a team in which all members are communicating at eye-level.”
Lilian Renee Günzel
Product Manager
“I am excited to be part of a company that provides true agile spirit as well as respectful collaborations, and lets me see the impact of my contributions every day.”
Szumiao Chen
UX/UI Designer

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