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Casafari acquires Targomo: Holistic AI solution for real estate valuation
Jonathan Klinck 18.09.2023
Casafari, a leading European platform for real estate data, today announces the acquisition of Targomo. This move works to strengthen Casafari’s capabilities in the real estate market via the integration of comprehensive AI-based location analysis.
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NEW REPORT: Location Planning in Volatile Times – The Opportunities of Data & AI
Luisa Sieveking 27.03.2023
Targomo and online magazine Retail Optimiser publish comprehensive report with insights from numerous top decision makers from real estate and expansion management.
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Location planning in volatile times - Opportunities of Data and AI: New expert report published

March 27, 2023, German article

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HCU Hamburg uses TargomoAPI to advance climate protection
Luisa Sieveking 3.03.2023
To determine the best test beds for climate protection activities, HafenCity University (HCU) Hamburg relies on Targomo's API services.
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Measuring potential visitors by profile – Gravitational model
Adam Roberts 17.02.2023
Interactive demo: How many customers of which target group come to my branches? The answer is provided by gravity models and Targomos Statistics Context API.
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Targomo releases new API feature to support emergency response
Luisa Sieveking 23.01.2023
Targomo has released the new API feature "polygon exclusion" that allows emergency planners to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances by excluding impassable areas from the routing.   
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Case Study: Sales Forecasting with Geo AI
Jonathan Klinck 20.01.2023
How do we develop a Geo AI model for sales forecasting? To show the developmet on a real example, our data science team has taken publicly available data - alcohol sales in the state of Iowa - and created a case study to predict liquor sales for the supermarket chain Hy-Vee.
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Targomo is nominated for the Immobilienmanager Award 2023
Luisa Sieveking 16.01.2023
The Innovation Insights Map, a joint project by Targomo and Germany's largest housing provider Vonovia, has entered the shortlist for the Immobilienmanager Award 2023.
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Understanding the impact of retail business clusters
Investigating the impact of different types of clusters provides retailers with highly valuable insights into which characteristics drive their business success and what they should look for when selecting their next site.
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Key ingredients to expanding brick-and-mortar businesses
Luisa Sieveking 9.09.2022
Adding one or more stores to their current network is a common way for business to expand their brick-and-mortar network. Discover the key ingredients to make. this a success.
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How to dynamically analyse location potential

May 12, 2022, German article

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Targomo unveils Geo AI for retail sales forecasting
Luisa Sieveking 8.09.2022
Site decisions by brick-and-mortar stores are critical to success. Targomo now helps these companies understand their success drivers and predict sales performance.
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Predictive Analytics: The Science behind the Art
Luisa Sieveking 11.07.2022
Targomo's head of API & Data David Redlich lifts the hood about how predictive analysis works and how it can benefit businesses.
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Immowelt and Targomo team up to facilitate apartment search
Luisa Sieveking 30.06.2022
The German real estate portal Immowelt now offers a location check that generates ratings for every listing. The new feature is based on Targomo's Location Scoring API and allows visitors to Immowelt to assess public transit quality and “daily needs” access.
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Spotlight On: Dylann Joffard, Business Developer for the French market at Targomo
Luisa Sieveking 3.06.2022
Meet Dylann Joffard, Business Developer at Targomo, who is the first point of contact for French speaking clients.
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The Potential of Predictive Analytics for Location Planning
Luisa Sieveking 13.05.2022
With predictive analytics, businesses can now accurately assess the financial impact of location decisions, be it an opening, closing or operational change.
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Gustoso Group selects Targomo to dynamically analyse location potential
Luisa Sieveking 12.05.2022
Gustoso Group, one of the fastest growing branded restaurant operators in Germany, is supporting the expansion of business with new location intelligence technology from specialist Targomo.
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Are dark stores the supermarkets of the future?
Luisa Sieveking 31.03.2022
With the rise in rapid grocery delivery, dark stores have emerged as fulfilment centres for ultra-quick orders. But how are they different from supermarkets, how do you plan a dark store, and what does the future hold?
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New improved location reports in Targomo LOOP
Luisa Sieveking 25.02.2022
TargomoLOOP's improved location reports present the essential facts and analysis results about a site and can be downloaded as PDF.
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7 mistakes to avoid when choosing a new retail location
Luisa Sieveking 4.02.2022
Choosing to open a new retail location is an exciting prospect, whether it’s your first store or the next in a chain. Start your research journey here, with the help of this list of 7 mistakes to avoid in site selection.
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Spotlight On: Yue Luo, Spatial Data Expert at Targomo
Luisa Sieveking 26.01.2022
What happens when you mix a lifelong love of location intelligence with a deep-seated passion for spatial data? Just ask Yue Luo.
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McDonald’s opts for Location Intelligence from Targomo
Luisa Sieveking 18.01.2022
McDonald's Germany will plan their expansion with Targomo as its new partner.
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How a retail expansion manager helps find the perfect business location
Luisa Sieveking 6.01.2022
Finding the right retail location doesn’t happen by chance. With so many factors to consider, an expansion manager can be the driving force to find the perfect place.
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Targomo Expands Location Analytics to 24 Countries
Luisa Sieveking 1.12.2021
Location intelligence startup Targomo expands its location analytics platform internationally. Users now have access to information on locations in a total of 24 countries, seven of them outside Europe, and including the US.
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The Rise of Ghost Kitchens: Huuva’s quest to improving food delivery for everyone
Targomo 1.12.2021
Finnish startup Huuva offers virtual food courts and wants to conquer the world. Its expansion manager Luukas Castrén told us how.
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Here’s how technology would tell the story of retail
Targomo 28.10.2021
Retail as we know it has been around for millennia, but as tech innovation continually evolves so too does how people shop. Understanding these patterns is the key to unlocking future growth. 
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Spotlight On: Luisa Sieveking, Marketing & Communications
Targomo 11.11.2021
Meet Luisa Sieveking, who leads the marketing and communications activities at Targomo
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Spotlight On: Hugo Lucas, Software Engineer and Master of Places APIs
Luisa Sieveking 13.10.2021
Meet Hugo Lucas, part of Targomo's A-Team, expert in Points of Interests and in charge of Targomo's Places APIs
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Spotlight On: Niklas Gossel, Targomo’s Head of Enterprise Sales
Targomo 30.09.2021
Meet our Head of Enterprise Sales Niklas Gossel, who often is the first touchpoint for Targomo's customers.
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The Top 3 Things to Do With Travel Time Isochrones
Targomo 13.09.2021
Isochrones can be incredibly powerful when added to interactive map applications. We're giving you a brief introduction to the different ways they can be used.
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Can Rural Residents Also Have Groceries Delivered in 10 Minutes?
Targomo 31.08.2021
Thanks to the global pandemic, the business of micro-fulfillment is booming. We take an in-depth look at the trend and ask whether it’s possible for those living outside of urban metropolis areas.
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Vélographs: Cycling Maps That Marry Art and Tech
Targomo 12.08.2021
Powered by location tech, Vélographs lets customers select any location of their choice and order a unique poster-sized bike map in an instant.
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Location Intelligence for Switzerland: Crosswind and Targomo Join Hands
Luisa Sieveking 7.07.2021
Swiss location intelligence consultancy Crosswind teams up with tech firm Targomo, offering companies in Switzerland better location analytics services.
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Hyperlocal Shopping: Neighborhood Stores, Local Services and On-Demand E-Commerce
Hyperlocal shopping — from neighborhood stores to quick, on-demand services — has gotten a tremendous boost during the pandemic. It could be one of the long lasting effects of the coronavirus outbreak.
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The Value of 'Where' in Retail

June 28, 2022, English article

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How to Use Location Data and Lift Performance

June 16, 2021, German article

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The Rise of Ghost Kitchens: Order Online, Eat at Home
Ghost kitchens — virtual restaurants which only deliver — have boomed during the pandemic. In our series on how the retail industry is changing, we'll dive into this new trend.
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Retail: How the Pandemic Is Reshaping Shopping Malls and Inner Cities
The coronavirus outbreak is changing the roles of malls and inner city shopping areas. Samuel Vogel, owner of retail and real estate consultancy The Bird, has talked to Targomo and walks us through the changes affecting the retail market, from more local shopping to the diversification of a mall’s tenants.
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Shoe retailer Deichmann supports site selection with Targomo’s Location Intelligence Platform

June 8, 2021

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Deichmann selects locations with AI

June 4, 2021, German article

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Deichmann uses location intelligence

June 3, 2021, German article

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Deichmann Group Deploys Targomo Location Intelligence Platform

June 2, 2021

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Shoe Retailer Deichmann Supports Site Selection with Targomo’s Location Intelligence Platform
Deichmann Group, Europe’s biggest shoe retailer, has chosen Targomo’s technology to support its site selection in Germany.
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Grocery Delivery: Of Dark Stores and Micro-Fulfillment
The pandemic has changed the way we shop. Targomo is taking a close look at some major retail trends. No. 1: Grocery delivery.
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Identify the Optimal Locations for Micro-Fulfillment Centers
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How DrSmile drives retail expansion with location intelligence
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Ideal Job Dispatching based on Travel Time and Distance (TargomoAPI)
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Swiss real estate platform newhome personalized property search (TargomoAPI)
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A F&B Retailer optimizes site selection & improves delivery times
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Targomo CEO talks about winning the EIT Digital Challenge and international expansion

May 3, 2021, German article

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Introducing Cannibalization Analysis: Examine the Impact of Competitors and Network Branches on Catchment Areas
We’ve released a major update of our location analytics platform TargomoLOOP: Businesses can now examine whether a new branch would cannibalize the catchment areas of existing locations. They can also see how rival locations would affect the potential customer base of own branches in the same area.
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Coronavirus Vaccination in Berlin: Can Senior Citizens Easily Reach Inoculation Centers?
The German capital has placed its vaccination centers at central sites in the city. We wanted to know how easily people aged 65 and up would be able to reach these locations. It turns out that around 95 percent of Berlin’s seniors can reach a center in 30 minutes by car.
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Affordable Housing around Vienna, Austria: When Commuting Pays Off

February 18, 2021, German article

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Germany's Retail Association Includes Targomo's Technology in AI Pages

February 11, 2021, German article

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Customize Location Search with New Weighting Feature
Businesses looking for the best locations can now very quickly identify which sites best match their specific requirements. In location analytics platform TargomoLOOP they can rank locations by assigning weights to criteria most relevant to them.
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Targomo Included in Top 100 Geospatial Companies 2021

January 25, 2021

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CIO of EIT Digital Sees Big Potential for Targomo's Technology

January 22, 2021, German article

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Containing the Pandemic with Geo Data

January 20, 2021, German article

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Targomo Supports Leipzig Health Authority to Contain Pandemic 
Location intelligence specialist Targomo helps Leipzig’s Health Department to easily schedule multiple home visits to check whether people are in good health and comply with lockdown restrictions. Targomo had earlier supported the city of Valencia to contain the pandemic.
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The real story behind Berlin’s Kindergarten Emergency
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E-Bikes Added as Travel Mode to Enhance Location Analytics
Targomo’s location analytics platform now includes e-bikes as a travel mode to improve the analysis of catchment areas. It enables businesses to better estimate the potential customer base and reach of their locations.
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Targomo Launches New API Portfolio
Targomo 15.12.2020
The new portfolio now offers a full spectrum of developer tools to improve map applications. It consists of 10 location APIs ranging from basic map functions to advanced location analytics.
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Targomo Wins European Deep Tech Competition

December 2, 2020, German article

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Location Tech Startup Targomo Launches New API Portfolio

December 9, 2020

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How Location Analytics Supports Retailers During and After the Pandemic
The pandemic poses many challenges to retailers. New regulations come into force overnight and customers' priorities can change instantly. Location analytics helps adapt to these changing conditions.
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Find the Best Locations and Success Factors with Targomo’s Expanded Location Analytics Platform
Targomo introduces two features – location ranking and correlation analysis – into its location analytics platform, making it easy to shortlist the best locations and find likely success factors. Furthermore, users can access more data and analytics options with a new pro plan.
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These Are the 5 Best Deep Tech Scaleups in Europe

November 17, 2020

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EIT Digital Challenge Awards the 5 Best European Digital Deep Tech Scaleups of 2020

November 16, 2020

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EIT Digital Challenge Names Winners in the European Deep Tech Scene

November 17, 2020

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Targomo Wins Award in Europe’s Flagship Deep Tech Competition
Berlin-based software company Targomo has won an award at the EIT Digital Challenge 2020, a top European innovation contest to identify fast-growing scaleups and foster their global expansion.
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Successful IT Platform: Targomo Wins European Competition

November 16, 2020, German article

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Living in the Country Side: Where Longer Commute Times Pay Off for Home Owners

November 14, 2020, German article

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COVID-19 and Home Office: Suburbs Which Are Well-Connected to Urban Centers, and Offer Affordable Housing

October 1, 2020, German article

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Targomo Enters German Accelerator’s US Program and EIT Digital Challenge 2020 Finals
Targomo 12.10.2020
Targomo is delighted about two recognitions: Firstly, the participation in the renowned German Accelerator program, and secondly the selection as finalist to compete in the EIT Digital Challenge 2020, Europe’s flagship competition for Deep Tech scaleups.
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Catchment Areas, Visitors Data, Location Rating: Targomo’s New Location Analytics Platform
The free-to-use version of the powerful location optimization platform ‘TargomoLOOP’ allows users to sign-in for free and instantly gain location insights with demographic, movement, and points-of-interest data.
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Location Analytics Specialist Plans U.S. Expansion

September 16, 2020, German article

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Targomo Joins Accelerator Program to Expand US Position

September 7, 2020

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Targomo Launches Free-to-use Version of its Location Optimization Platform
The new version of the powerful location optimization platform ‘TargomoLOOP’ allows users to sign-in for free and instantly gain location insights with demographic, movement, and points-of-interest data.
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Proptech.de Includes Targomo in Its List of German Real-Estate Technology Companies

June 9, 2020, German article

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Movement Data to Find and Compare Highly Frequented Areas
Knowing how many people visit a location is crucial to determine how many customers a shop or restaurant could potentially attract. To make such analyses, Targomo has introduced movement data to its location intelligence platform, TargomoLOOP.
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Targomo’s Tool on Germany’s Largest Real Estate Portal, ImmoScout24: Short Commute Times thanks to OfficeFinder
Targomo 18.05.2020
With a new OfficeFinder tool, Germany's leading real estate portal ImmoScout24 and Targomo offer a solution that enables employers to take into account employees’ commute times when searching for a new office location. This makes it easy to find the "most commuter-friendly" office.
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Award for Intensive Care Capacities Analysis in ‘Data against Covid-19’ Hackathon
Targomo 6.05.2020
A team of five Targomo engineers has been awarded in the global “Data against Covid-19” hackathon. They came in second place with a geospatial tool to analyze and visualize the capacities of intensive care bed units in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Targomo provides free route- and delivery-planning service

April 7, 2020

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Covid-19 Pandemic Management: Identify Risk Areas in Intensive Care Capacities
The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the need for sufficient capacities of intensive care (IC) beds. Targomo engineers have developed a tool to predict risk areas in IC capacities and take action before shortages occur. The analysis can be rolled out internationally and to other areas.
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Three challenges in the application of AI and the role of Deep Tech

March 26, 2020, German article

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Germany's AI startup landscape 2020

March 4, 2020

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Supporting Businesses during Pandemic: Free Delivery Planning
To help businesses and people during the coronavirus pandemic, Targomo is offering a route- and delivery-planning service free of charge. The tool, called TargomoFLEET light, will help users to quickly plan optimal routes for one or several vehicles and bikes.
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Location Intelligence Optimizes Oslo’s Public Transit Network
Oslo’s public transport authority Ruter uses location intelligence to easily analyze the impact of network changes and to win support from politicians and commuters. With TargomoLOOP, Ruter can quickly see how its network should evolve to serve more people, more efficiently.
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Lifting Performance When Displaying Points of Interest: Vector Tiles and Clustering
APIs to map thousands of POIs can slow down or crash your system. Targomo’s new service solves this issue by using vector tiles in the MVT format, in addition to clustering. We will explain how these features work and how you can access them.
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Berlin-based startup Targomo appoints Google manager Patrick Schoenemann as CEO

February 6, 2020

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Targomo hires Google manager Patrick Schoenemann as new CEO

February 4, 2020, German article

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Analyzing whether people in a Madrid neigborhood have decent access to public transport

January 19, 2020, Spanish article

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ProgrammableWeb most clicked, shared and talked about APIs of 2019: Mapping and location.

January 1, 2020

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Google Manager Joins Targomo as CEO to Expand Startup’s Location Analytics Services
Former Google manager Patrick Schoenemann has joined Targomo as CEO to expand the Berlin startup’s presence in the location and data analytics market. It is another high-level addition to the Berlin-based software maker, which had already attracted a former Nokia director and raised funding from venture capitalist Earlybird.
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Visualizing POIs on a Map Leads to Unexpected Insights
Targomo has launched a tool to visualize points of interest (POIs) around the globe and instantly see where restaurants, shops, cinemas and hundreds of other locations are locally distributed. The data stems from OpenStreetMap and everyone can easily embed it as a map into their website.
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A Leading Real Estate Platform Uses Location Intelligence to Transform House Hunting
Targomo 14.11.2019
SeLoger, one of France’s most popular real estate platforms, introduced a ground-breaking way to deliver a better search experience for their users.
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Mastering the Digital Challenges in Urban and Rural Areas
Targomo 5.11.2019
The Smart Country Convention 2019 provided a great overview of the challenges that digitalization brings to urban and rural areas. We’ve learned a lot from the bright and purpose-driven speakers, presenting their innovative solutions and strategies.
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How to Optimize Public Services with Location Intelligence
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Mit Geo AI schnell & zuverlässig Umsatzprognosen für jeden Standort erstellen (Deutsch)
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How to leverage Geo AI for Retail Sales Forecasting (English)
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Live-Simulation auf der digitalen Landkarte
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How Open Data Can Make Cities Smarter – And What Is Holding Them Back
Targomo 29.10.2019
It seems that cities and municipalities globally are more or less on the verge of becoming “smart”. But is that truly the case?
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7 Features for Real Estate Portals Only Location Technology Can Deliver
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Selecting the Ideal Branch Location with Gravitational Models
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New generation of online location intelligence tools will help you find best location for your business.
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How to Optimize Retail Networks with Location Intelligence
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How to Select the Ideal Branch Location with Science
Targomo 1.08.2019
Location, location, location. Everybody knows that the right location is the main success driver for retail businesses. But what does “right” mean? How do you choose the best place for your business? And what if you’re looking to expand your already good network of branches?
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Auszeichnungen für drei datenjournalistische Projekte
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How Far can You Travel With Your E-Scooter?
Targomo 9.07.2019
When traveling to Berlin, Munich, or Hamburg this summer, it is more than likely you’ll stumble across the latest addition to Germany’s roads: e-scooters. We’ll show you how far you can actually get with them.
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Country doctors, viewed objectively (Landärzte, objektiv gesehen)
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Who benefits and who loses from the relocation of a train station in Hamburg?
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For Real Estate Search, Disruption is Around the Corner
Targomo 17.09.2019
In terms of real estate search, it seems as if little has changed in recent years. Today, it seems to be only a matter of time until new technologies, based on big data, will radically change the customer experience in the real estate search market.
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Game Changer für Geomarketing

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